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Dottie’s Coupon Clipping Service

The key to using coupons effectively is using the right coupons in the right way. By combining a high value coupon with a great store deal, you can get products for mere pennies on the dollar! It is not uncommon for extreme couponing hobbyists to get items for free or to even make money on certain items after coupons! If you stock up on products when they are at their lowest prices, you can slash your grocery bill in half—just by using coupons for the name brand items you buy every week!

Why Dottie’s Coupons and More?

Dottie’s coupon clipping service makes couponing easy and fun; buy coupons online through our virtual store or print them off for free! You don’t have to remember to run to the store on Sundays to purchase your paper or spend time cutting out hundreds of coupons you do not need and will not use. Plus, filing every coupon from every insert takes a large amount of time and makes it difficult to find the coupons you want when you need them. Coupons will not save you money if you cannot find the ones you want, and they expire before you have a chance to use them.

Plus, when you rely on newspapers for your coupons, you run the risk of buying a newspaper that does not come with an insert or that has had its insert stolen before you bought the paper. It can be really discouraging to make the trip to the store, only to find that you have no coupons to show for it. Furthermore, some coupons are regional, which means that they are not published in all papers. Dottie’s Coupons and More may carry must-have coupons that are not available in your area.

Dottie’s Coupons and More also makes it easy to obtain multiples of coupons that you need. Chances are you do not just buy one or two bottles of dish soap or cans of vegetables a year. When you see a coupon for an item you use all the time, stock up on the item since you know you will soon need it anyway.

Instead of dealing with the newspaper every week, simply log onto this website, scan through the coupons, and print or order the ones you want. With Dottie’s Coupons and More, you can get just the coupons you want and need. You do not need to leave your house or your pajamas, and you can look for coupons anytime, day or night.

If you aren't sure if a coupon is a printable or an insert our sister site has a great searchable coupon database of every coupon. Go here:

We are in search of vendors/shops to join our NEW Marketplace - The Coupon Mall - bookmark the site at and You will be given your own shop hosted by us.

If you need to contact us, please do so through our facebook page or through facebook messenger - it will allow for a quicker response time.

MOST coupons that expire on 10/31 OR BEFORE THERE ARE NO Maximum QTY. LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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